While completing the assignments, I couldn’t get the SUM function to work on my Google Sheets.  I trouble-shot the system by Googling possbile ideas to help me. I couldn’t find anything to help me out, unfortunately. I retyped numbers and tried to calculate the problem myself, but it wouldn’t work for me.  I even watched the provided video: no luck! I even tried to work with the other columns, and I couldn’t get those to generate the sum for the formula. I spent over an hour trying to fix this issue… Oh well.  I can probably use my desktop computer at school to finish the tutorial.


One of my most favorite features of Google Forms is the colleciton and graphing of data collected.  I appreciate the graphs as I am a visual learner.  I’m sure my students that are visual learners have the same appreciation!

We used these graphs to discuss the most important ideals from the teaching units.  Students were able to make various comments and see how many others in the class agreed with their views.  It was a nice way for students to have feedback.

I plan to use these in the future for generating quiz results and other digital feedback.