I created the Creative Commons license for both of my websites. I think this is important to protect the things that I publish to my site such as original assignments, ideas, notes, and assessments.

The plagiarism website that I chose to use is Grammarly.  Unfortunately, the website is not compatible for Google Docs.  It’s unfortunate, and I wonder if it’s something that I would have to pay for an upgrade to have the feature.  It would seem to me that with the change in collaboration in the workplace, a website such as Grammarly would want to be compatible with websites that allow for immediate and instantaneous collaboration and creation. Screenshot 2016-02-20 at 10.37.27 PM

Ideally, this tool could help me with checking grammar and mechanics.  Obviously, as a language teacher, this is critical to my pedagogy and serves as a driving focus in my curriculum.  I’m going to continue to explore this tool for Spanish grammar and language.  THEN, I will assess its effectiveness in my classroom! 🙂