I chose to work with the “Respect Yourself/ Respect Others” category and explored the idea of Twitter Etiquette.  I have a teacher account @SrJacksonOHS where students can receive information about classroom assignments and digital notes.  I use it often, and students seem to enjoy the functionality and accessibility of information at their fingertips.   I also have a Twitter feed on my website to double my online presence for my students, parents, and fellow educators.

The following screenshots share some of my favorite  ideas to promote Twitter etiquette.

Some important things that I try to keep in mind are 1) Watch Your Language 2) Don’t Tweet Too Much and 3)Avoid Negativity.

  1.  Language is the vehicle for communication.  It is also the number one indicator of educational status and validity of information.  It is a forum for readers, or followers, to judge credibility and authenticity of information in 140 characters or less in seconds.   To speak, or rather, tweet, with inappropriate or uneducated language sends a more profound message to followers than the intent behind the actual words.  I caution students to be respectful and professional and warn them that future employers and college admission teams will find and read their information. It’s become a staple in the US to “speak freely” about what’s currently a pressing issue for the individual sending the tweet.  However, there are several more repercussions of having this perceived luxury.
  2. Excessive tweeters are simply annoying and loose their luster.  No one wants to read a play-by-play of one’s afternoon or evening alone with Netflix and a box of pizza.  I personally don’t tweet often, unless I feel it’s important information that will benefit at lest half of my followers.
  3. Negativity is the ever-winding root of all evil on the Internet.  It leads to and increases depression among teenagers.  Cyber bullying has changed our future for worse, and constant negativity can lead to spikes in negative student behavior and attitude.

Screenshot 2016-02-20 at 10.09.24 PM.png