Funny that this should include Zamzar, because I definitely did my presentation on technology on Zamzar on Friday at our district professional development! Small World – but not like Disney…. 🙂   I use Zamzar for reading my tests out loud to IEP and 504 students in my classroom.  They can listen to the information while being in my classroom and ask questions while they complete the assessment like my other students instead of being pulled out of the classroom and read to by a non-Spanish speaking aide.  You can find the screen shots and other information in the presentation!

During my undergraduate years, I worked for the Institute for Study Abroad at Adrian College.  We ALWAYS used Google Calendar to invite people to meetings, on-campus events, and study abroad classroom presentations.  It is a really handy feature to have it sync to your email and phone for reminders.  At Onsted, we use the invite system in calendar for the media center resources like Chromebooks, labs, and collaborative spaces.  It’s awesome to utilize when lesson planning!

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I use TinyURL all the time when sending my student Google Surveys, which happens to be about once a chapter.  I either broadcast it using my projector, or I write it on the board.  They complete the survey much quicker than having them type it in the URL bar.  Also, it’s easier to copy and paste than a long URL. Here’s an example on my school web site.


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