Today’s Meet

I’ve used this site several times in my career at presentations and professional developments.  We used it in class at Adrian College to alleviate random questioning.  It is a great tool for classroom collaboration during group or individual work.

I used Today’s Meet on Friday this last week as a back channel discussion for those attending my presentation.  My audience didn’t really use it, but I was left a comment.

Screenshot 2016-02-15 at 3.04.43 PM

This could be very useful for students in the classroom.  It would allow for autonomous Q&A between students which would free up my time to work one-on-one with students in need.  It would mean that everyone would have to have a device, and we don’t have one-to-one technology at Onsted yet causing a bit of an issue. However, I could use a computer lab or the classroom set of Chromebooks for students to collaborate.

Side thought:  When I use Chromebooks, students use the comment feature to communicate with me… I suppose this would be more beneficial for group member communication whereas Today’s Meet is beneficial for whole classroom discussion.