As I’m very familiar with Google Drive and Apple iCloud, I chose to create a Diigo for this project to expand in my technology literacy.  Diigo is a great tool for bookmarking.  It’s similar to Pinterest in that you can save various websites, ideas, pictures, etc. to one location that you can access from any location using any devise.

I think I’ll like this feature.  I want to explore more with it for sharing with students. It’d be great for creating a resource log for WebQuests and other online assignments.


Here are some screenshots from my Google Drive.  It’s very user-friendly; I believe it’s more convenient than Diigo because it’s connected to my email, and I can save directly from email. However, it is nice to be able to save webpages from the website without having to be in the email/ Drive app.


Overall, I love using Cloud to share information with my students.  I like the ability to control share options, and I especially love not having to print thousands of copies for my students or parents. I can just shoot something out to them using an email or from the Sharing feature within Drive. I use it for projects, surveys, picture sharing, and review.