There are several benefits of using an online presence in and out of the classroom to enrich and empower students. The goal of Thing 2 was to explore this online presence in ways of promoting educational autonomy for students.  I find it very rewarding to have anecdotal additions to classroom conversations that include, “Didn’t you see it on his website?” and “I used his PowerPoints last night to help me study, and it worked.”

Onsted requires all educators to have some sort of website for parent and student access.  Students and parents are instructed early to utilize these webpages for access to notes, assignments, study guides, and more!  I personally enjoy posting digital notes for my students by taking a picture of my white board and posting it in the appropriate class’s webpage.  This allows students to access my notes at their own leisure making learning even more convenient.

Another feature that I love about an online presence is that parents can get a glimpse into the classroom without having to make a phone call or send an email.  They can browse our websites and get a generalize or in-depth look at the classroom events!  No longer can students respond to “What did you learn today?” with the iconic shrug and “Nothing” response and get away with it!

I created another mock website for my own benefit to explore the new and updated tools from Weebly.  I did attach links to my working school website for those that are curious about my classroom at OHS!  Overall, Thing 2 was a great review and reminder of how amazing the internet can be for both teacher and student!